The table shown below illustrates the surface materials that our products are commonly used to work.  To some degree user preference does determine the choice of abrasive product for each application.  The table is only a guide and the abrasive product should be tested for the application prior to purchase.  Please see our product pages for further information.

Wood Metal Plaster Paint/ Varnish Fibreglass Plastic Stone Concrete
 4-Sided Sanding Block  checkMark  checkMark  checkMark  checkMark  checkMark
2-Sided Sanding Pad  checkMark  checkMark  checkMark  checkMark
1-Sided Sanding Pad  checkMark  checkMark  checkMark  checkMark  checkMark
Spydoflex  checkMark  checkMark  checkMark  checkMark
Vitrified/Resin Bonded Blocks  checkMark  checkMark  checkMark