In a retail environment it is important to present items in a way that is attractive to customers.  Creating packaging specifically for your target market can promote your brand, provide user information and point of sale requirements such as a barcode.

Some examples of bespoke packaging for retail use are item sleeves, printed display cartons and shrink wrap bundles.  Items may also need point of sale labelling.  For smaller sales volumes a plain carton with a printed label may be an option to consider.  We can arrange the printing of packaging to your design or alternatively you can free issue your packaging to us.

In your warehouse you may use barcodes for recording product movement.  We can label bulk packed items with this information if required.

If you have a particular requirement for packaging please call or email us.

Key Features

  • Solutions for Retail Display
  • Brand Promotion
  • Present Additional User Information
  • Display Product Barcode
  • Packaging Options for All Our Products
  • Create an Attractive Image for Customers


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